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Coinbase .NET v1.0.2.2 wrapper released

From the Crypto Blog:

On Notch leaving Mojang

I am simultaneously jealous and sympathetic.

I'm partly kidding about the jealous part. It's no secret that in many people's eyes, Notch is living the dream, but his struggles with depression and disillusionment are also well known. Minecraft had grown well beyond Notch's ability to run, maintain or even enjoy it.

I hope he enjoys the rest of his life. He's free to do whatever he likes at this point.

Coinbase .NET v1.0 wrapper released

From the Crypto Blog:

Blowing out the cobwebs...

Ok, so this is a thing now. Got the blog up and running.

I'm working on a few projects. Some writing, some talking. Also some video.

Been playing with CryptoCurrencies a bit, which is the topic of some of my aforementioned writing and talking.

Anyway, more to come.